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SwitchCut™ Reaming System

TAG invites surgeons, healthcare professionals and industry leaders to partner with us to make quality of life a possibility for an even greater number of patients. We have extensive expertise, a portfolio of innovative products and proven quality to ensure that the devices we manufacture meet the highest standards. As a supplier of end-to-end solutions, we have the flexibility to devise the surgical solutions that work best for surgeons and their patients.


Our broad manufacturing capabilities and profound understanding of the medical industry, its regulatory bodies and new trends enable us to design, create and assemble all kinds of materials into the innovative devices needed. We have the ability to work with a variety of materials to meet your needs, including stainless steel, Nitinol, titanium, polymers such as Radel, PEEK and PEEK-OPTIMA® and more.


SwitchCut™ Reaming System for Outside-In Approach

The SwitchCut Reaming System for ACL Reconstruction is the first self-flipping retro reaming technology to hit the market and a user-friendly instrumentation system with robust design. The SwitchCut femoral guide in this system is designed to assist in successfully locating the I.D.E.A.L.™ Femoral Tunnel Location during an ACL procedure.

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