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The product of decades of excellence in metal production, TAG Medical Products enters the medical market with its Shoveler Line of original devices for knee and small joint arthroscopy procedures.

1992 In collaboration with Smith & Nephew, TAG launches two transformative arthroscopic sets to provide solutions for arthroscopic shoulder and knee surgeries.

TAG launches its first arthroscopic set for hip procedures

TAG partners with Mitek, specially developing and launching the Pusher Cutter Line of reusable knee instruments.

In collaboration with Mitek, TAG launches its Latarjet system, which offers uniquely designed instruments and implants for both Bristow and Latarjet procedures.

The system is also specifically designed for either “open” procedures or to transition to an “all-arthroscopic” technique.

TAG reaches an agreement with Tornier and launches the ArthroTunneler and Lateral Button. The ArthroTunneler is the first device allowing surgeons to apply principles of transosseous rotator cuff repair in an all-arthroscopic fashion—an anchorless solution for shoulder repair.

Following a collaboration agreement with Stryker, TAG launches the VersiTomic Flexible Reaming System, which is designed to optimize placement of femoral socket(s) for ACL reconstruction. Its “puzzle piece” flexible drill technology facilitates anatomic femoral socket placement.

TAG Dental, a new department for dental implants and substructures, is established to extend TAG’s profound expertise and innovative solutions to the dental field.

TAG reaches an agreement and collaboration with Biomet and launches the revolutionary SwitchCut Reaming System for ACL reconstruction, the first self-flipping retro reaming technology to enter the market. With its SwitchCut femoral guide, this system is designed to assist in successfully locating the I.D.E.A.L. Femoral Tunnel Location during an ACL procedure.

TAG Dental USA is established to distribute TAG dental products and improve dental procedures for even more people around the world.

A collaboration agreement with Arthrex, TAG launches the Armadrill™, Disposable Flexible Reaming set, which is designed to optimize placement of femoral socket(s) for ACL reconstruction.

TAG Plast, a new department for plastic injection molding , is established to extend TAG’s production capabilities & support TAG's innovative instrumentation.

TAG Dream works as an additional innovative arm of TAG Medical unveiling dozens of new ideas in the next decade, ideas that can improve quality of life, reduce costs, minimize surgery times and save lives.

Led by a team of experts, each of whom boasts more than 20 years of experience,