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Arthroscopy is a precise, minimally invasive surgical technique employing a small camera to visualize and address joint issues, aiding in accurate diagnosis and treatment


Orthopedics is a specialty focused on the diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of disorders and injuries using an array of medical tools and equipment, such as surgical instruments and implants. Orthopedic procedures include joint replacements, fracture fixation, and spinal surgeries, aiming to restore patients' mobility and alleviate pain.

General Surgery

General surgery revolves around the diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of surgical conditions and ailments. Surgeons utilize an array of medical instruments and techniques, including laparoscopic procedures, open surgeries, and minimally invasive methods, to address issues such as appendicitis, hernias, and tumors. The primary goal is to restore patients' health and well-being.


Cardiothoracic surgery encompasses a range of procedures including heart surgeries, stent placement, lung surgeries, interventions related to organs in the chest cavity, and minimally invasive corrective procedures.