At TAG, we take great pride in the exacting assembly process of our instruments. Each assembly procedure is meticulously executed in our facility, with a focus on detail that ensures impeccable quality and perfect alignment, akin to the precision of watchmaking. This concept of watchmaking serves as a crucial criterion for our tools, where assembly accuracy is measured meticulously and supported by state-of-the-art technology.


We offer a diverse range of handheld instruments crafted from various materials, guaranteeing reliability and durability. Our range includes graspers, scissors, suture cutters, punches, and more.

Our reusable instruments are manufactured from different types of metals – according to the application, to ensure strength, stability, and resistance to corrosion.  In addition, some of our disposable instruments are made from advanced plastics, including various types of polymers, offering flexibility and lightweight characteristics. 

Beyond handheld instruments

In addition to handheld instruments, our specialization extends to the production of drills, flexible drills, various screwdrivers, and flexible screwdrivers. This further demonstrates our commitment to precision and quality in instrument manufacturing.