Clean Room & Packing

TAG's spacious clean room adheres to ISO Class 8 specifications, featuring a dedicated closed section that meets the more rigorous ISO Class 7 requirements. The clean room is strategically designed to support the entire sterile assembly and packaging process, starting from the reception of parts to the assembly of the final product, encompassing cleaning, sterilization, and packaging.

Each product is inspected according to its work instructions to ensure final assembly and packaging integrity, and to verify that no errors have occurred during the procedures. Additionally, the clean room accommodates the assembly and packaging of absorbable implants, subjecting them to the same stringent quality control measures.

Sterile Packaging 

Our packaging capabilities provide the ultimate solution for fully compliant vacuum pouches and blister sealing.

Final single-use products are packaged and undergo Gamma irradiation or EtO (ethylene oxide) gas sterilization – according to product characteristics and packaging type - to achieve SAL 10-6, the minimum sterility assurance level requirement for medical devices. 

Extended Shelf Life

The sterilization process guarantees a product shelf life of up to five years, contingent on external environmental conditions.